Patient Reviews

“If Dr. Rosen Moved To Siberia, I Who Cannot Tolerate Cold Weather Would Follow Him”

quoteMarkI entered Dr. Joel Rosen’s office two years ago after six months of futile attempts to alleviate the pain on the right side of my hip. With each step I took, this severe pain would shoot down my right leg. I decided that the acupuncture approach was not working, nor was the massage therapist. My dear friend suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Rosen, as she was very impressed with his thorough diagnosis of her condition and treatment after automobile accident. To say that, I had never had a detailed examination of the structure of my body as I had at the hands of Dr. Rosen is an understatement. His diagnosis and subsequent two month traction therapy resulted in complete relief of all pain. At his instruction, I do daily stretching and have not had a return of the original malady. Eight months ago, after a strenuous move from one home to another and heavy lifting I began experiencing pain on the other side of my back. I returned to Dr. Rosen, and after three visits, the pain is entirely gone. When I recommended Dr. Rosen to my family and friends, I preface my recommendation with the following remark, “If Dr. Rosen moved to Siberia, I who cannot tolerate cold weather would follow him

Brenda Lubetsky

“Amazingly, After The First Few Treatments, I Was With Very Little Pain!”

quoteMarkI was lucky to find your ad about the new DRX 9000 spinal decompression machine to help relieve my back pain. I have suffered in silence for many years, but as things did not improve but got worse, I finally consulted a physician in Brazil (where I live). We tried all sort of procedures, but nothing really made an impact. So when I read about your machine, I decided to get help from you. Amazingly, after the first few treatments, I was with very little pain, almost nothing of what I had suffered during the past years. I am off pain killers to the happiness of my liver, and I hope that the days to come will keep me out of pain. Many thanks to you and your efficient and very pleasant staff. I shall miss you all.

Ingrid Lawrence

“I Noticed Improvement Almost From The First Treatment”

quoteMarkMy lower back pain was reduced to very little for the first 3 ½ weeks. I noticed improvement almost from the first treatment, and my back pain eased up in the first 3 weeks, so that I could walk normally. I can walk without pain, I can do dinner dishes without pain. Generally, thanks to the DRX 9000, in all ways, I have more energy and little pain

Bunny Raymond

“The Relief That I Experienced While Undergoing Treatment Was Remarkable”

quoteMarkJust a note to say “Thank You” for the enormous help you gave me in relieving the excruciating back pain that I have endured for over 40 years. I don’t ever expect to be 100% pain free because my problem has been with me for far too many years. However, this is the best that I have felt in a long, long time. I would also like to congratulate you for having the insight to include the DRX 9000 in your arsenal for combating the effects and stress caused by living with constant back pain. It is truly amazing machine to say the least. The relief that I experienced while undergoing treatment was remarkable as you witnessed first hand by the number of times that I actually fell asleep while the machine was doing its work. Again, Thank you and Good Health to you and yours.

Frank Bolano

“I Can Walk My Dog, Work In The Kitchen, And Have Some Of Every Day Life Back”

quoteMarkEver since I fell almost five years ago, I have been in pain. Every step was painful. I could only stand, sit or walk for a limited time. My life was almost at a stand still. During these years, I have been under a Neuro-Surgeon, who put me in 3 different braces. From there I have had steroid injections, drugs, acupuncture, physical therapy, and it goes on and on. I was at my wits end, until I saw your ad. It seemed like my last chance. Spinal Decompression helped me more then anyone. I can walk my dog, work in the kitchen, and have some of every day life back. Again, Thank you.

Ann Wright Thompson

“In Short Time, Improvement Was Very Evident”

quoteMarkAs a result of an automobile accident, I was left with a myriad of problems that required extensive therapy to alleviate severe headaches and pain in my shoulders, neck and lower back. Treatment by a pain management group gave me some relief, but the aches and pains persisted. It was after I had given up on the idea of total recovery that I heard of Dr. Joel Rosen. The method of treatment Dr. Rosen used on my neck and back proved to be the panacea I was seeking and, in short time, improvement was very evident. Dr. Rosen used a variety of approaches to advance my recovery. I very much doubt that I could live as I do now without his help, his constant encouragement, his positive optimistic attitude, his suggestions as to follow-up exercises and his stressing to need to “keep doing and moving”. Dr. Rosen has been the catalyst in my adopting a new attitude towards life and a new approach to living it.

Gloria Abrams

“I Feel The doctor Has Empowered Me To Help Myself, By Explaining Things All Along The Way.”

quoteMarkTime is taken to understand you as a person and a patient, unlike
some other doctors where you are treated as a “number”, and the doctor hardly remembers your name! It truly is the best feeling to find a doctor that you know actually cares and is committed to helping you recover. My positive attitude has improved because Dr. Rosen has shown me he will do what it takes to help me regain my health. Specifically, my health has improved and Dr. Rosen has also increased my knowledge of how and why I was having physical problems. This increases my awareness and should allow me to be preventative in the future. Dr. Rosen has explained many stretches and strategies to assist me in avoiding the same problems in the future. In summary, I feel the doctor has empowered me to help myself, by explaining things all along the way.

Brett Shofner

“I Became Pain Free In 2 Weeks With No Medications –Just 6 Appointments”

quoteMarkI had severe lower back pain which gave me difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. I did not believe chiropractic could really help but I agreed to come in for a diagnosis only. I have found the practice staff friendly and knowledgeable. I became pain free in 2 weeks with no medications –Just 6 appointments and 2 simple exercises at home. Back pain is debilitating and affects all aspects of your life. You simply can’t do as much as you would like when you are in pain. Freedom from the pain brings renewed joy in life.

Jean M. Smith

“After several adjustments I was feeling 100% better”

quoteMarkI first became a patient of Dr. Rosen in June of 2004. I found out about him through one of his creative cookey flyers. I had been to several chiropractors in the area and was not satisfied until I met Dr. Rosen. I felt he was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I had recently sustained a back injury from incorrect training at the gym and I was in a lot pain. After several adjustments I was feeling 100% better. I have a pretty stressful schedule and tend to hold that stress in my neck and lower back. Dr. Rosen keeps me aligned which helps to eliminate much of the tension. I enjoy and trust Dr. Rosen and his staff so much that I brought my son in for treatment and two of my best friends. I feel so fortunate to have such a great health care professional treating me and my family.

Brenda L McCabe

“The practice is very professional yet personal”

quoteMarkI had almost given up hope of finding a chiropractor in Florida to take care of the pain in my back. Then I found Dr. Rosen. I am taken on time, which is important to me, and I am never rushed. The practice is very professional yet personal. I feel that I can lead more of a normal life than has been possible for at least nine months. My Pain is gone!

Agnes Schwartz

“After four visits, I was out of pain and back to normal. You’re a life saver!.”

quoteMarkIn February 2004, my daughter came to visit. She bent down to pick something up and heard a popping sound in her back. She could not straighten up and was in severe pain. It was a Thursday, luckily Dr. Joel was in. He said “bring her in”. After a week of treatments, she was back to normal. In April, I wrenched my back playing golf. The pain was keeping me from sleeping. Dr. Joel gave me immediate care. After four visits, I was out of pain and back to normal. You’re a life saver!. God Bless You!

Cathie Chiaia

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