There are numerous reasons pregnant women often experience low back pain. Here’s a few of the most likely culprits:

  • Weight gain:

Women usually gain between 25 to 35 pounds during the course of their pregnancy. Also the added weight of the growing fetus can put extra pressure on the nerves of the pelvis and back.

  • Changes in posture:

As the baby grows larger, your natural center of gravity changes. Often times, completely subconsiously, you may change your movement patterns resulting in back pain or strain.

  • Hormone changes:

A hormone called Relaxin, which is produced during pregnancy, can cause the ligaments of the spine to loosen and cause instability and pain. Relaxin is essential to the birth process because of it’s effects on ligaments, unfortunately it can also be a cause of low back pain.

  • Loss of Abdominal Strength:

As the uterus grows larger, a muscle known as the Rectus Abdominis may seperate at the seam, weakening the abdominal muscles which may worsen back pain.

  • Stress:

Stressful times during your pregnancy can make your back ache, the bodies reaction to stress is to release adrenalin and other chemicals, which can make back pain worse.

Safe Natural Pain Management

During pregnancy natural pain management is a must, chiropractic care and massage therapy are 2 essential treatments that shouldn’t be overlooked. Chiropractic Care helps to alleviate the pain caused by the conditions described above. Chiropractic works by helping to keep the spine in alignment, which keeps pressure off the nerves. It’s 100% safe when practiced by a qualified Chiropractic Physician and is a gentle and safe treatment. Because of all the controversy with pain medications and the fact that pregnant women are extremely limited to what they are allowed to ingest, Chiropractic Care is the best remedy for low back pain.

Massage Therapy is also a great choice for pain management, it’s a safe gentle technique, with no side effects. Massage helps with muscle and skeletal pain, and is also extremely relaxing, which makes it great for stress management. When applied in conjuction with Chiropractic Care the results can be terrific.

These two treatments, Chiropractic care and Massage Therapy can be utilized to effectively treat most causes of back pain in pregnant women and should not be ignored. Pregnancy can be a difficult time in womans life, and it may be comforting to know that there are treatments to make it a more comfortable experience. Even just visiting a Chiropractor once a week can be enough to stay feeling well.

If you live in the Boca Raton area than your in luck, because we’re just a phone call away. Our office is situated just off of Marina Blvd and 441 in the Sandelfoot Plaza. We accept walk-ins, same day appointments, or just give us a call at 561-255-0535 to schedule an appointment. You can also schedule online here. We have over 8 years of experience helping pregnant women alleviate back pain and look forward to helping you through this wonderful but stressful time


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